Sale of machines

Based on many years of production experience and knowledge of technology, a team of specialists from Guala Closures DGS Poland SA independently designs, constructs and manufactures machines for the production and decoration of Pilfer Proof caps.

Thanks to an experienced and committed team of machine building specialists, we are able to adapt our solutions to individual customer needs and guarantee short lead times. Our machines are reliable, precise and easy to use. We guarantee our clients training services related to the transfer of production technology, installation and commissioning services as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Rotary assembling machine

Use Rotary assembling machine is a semi-automatic machine dedicated to assembly one-sided or two-sided seals in PilferProof closures and to perform final plastic forming. Technical specifications: 1. Installed power ~ 5 kW 2. Length 7750 mm 3. 1200 mm width with...

Dry offset line

Use Offset type SO is a semi-automatic line for side varnishing and printing of PilferProof. Depending on the setting and change of instrumentation, the line can be adapted to decorate caps of various sizes, from Ø28 to Ø31.5 and from 32 to x 60 mm in height. The...


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