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Leading producer of aluminium closures

Pilfer Proof Closures

For strong alcohol, pharmaceutical, water, juice and others

Screw-Cap Alumninum closures

For wine

Continuous development since 1991

Guala Closures DGS Poland S.A. company (previously known as DGS S.A.) is a world-class glass container closures manufacturer and a part of the world-known Guala Closures Group (https://www.gualaclosures.com/).

Pilfer Proof Closures

Pilfer Proof Aluminium closures enable perfect sealing and easy opening bottles containing alcoholic beverages, mineral water and medicines.

Closures for wine

Screw-Cap Alumninum closures provide a cutting-edge solution make the bottle easier to open and to re-seal. Custom-made lining prevents wine from oxidation and the so-called ‘cork taint’ as well as maintain the quality and the taste of the wine.

Size Variety

With a very wide range of sizes our company can meet the needs of the most demanding customer. We produce closures for glass containers not only for wines and spirits, but also to the pharmaceutical sector, condiments and chemical industries.


From the very beginning, we have been constantly increasing our production capacity and introducing innovative technologies and solutions


The greatest asset are people who, through their experience and commitment, increase the company’s potential every day


All the caps in our offer have the appropriate certificates and are manufactured in accordance with international standards

Our partners

Guala Closures DGS Poland SA prides itself on a strong position on a market. Our extensive knowledge, experience and partnership approach towards companies from all over the world is our recipe for success. Our vision to strengthen our position of a global provider, encouraged us to reach agreements with foreign partners.

Printing services

Our current offer is complemented with designing and constructing machines dedicated to production and trimming closures as well as printing and sheet spraying.


Recognized certificates at Guala Closures DGS Poland related to the Integrated Management System: ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001:20015, ISO 22000:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007


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