Corporate social responsibility

„Guala Closures DGS Poland” SA

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management strategy consisting in searching for beneficial solutions both for the company and for the entire external environment. Also, Guala Closures DGS Poland SA is committed to working with employees, their families and society, as a whole, to improve their quality of life. The company’s responsibility means increased investments in human resources, environmental protection and aims to build positive relationships.

Business ethics

Employees’ rights

Care for the environment

We distinguish the most important areas of CSR activities, which are:

  • Activities addressed to employees, including e.g. working conditions improvement, equal treatment, training and professional development, ensuring greater professional satisfaction, inclusion of employees in the decision-making process in the company or financial assistance for employeesand their families.
  • Activities aimed at the public, including e.g. improvement of local infrastructure, financial or material support for institutions, populations of developing countries and volunteering (e.g. financial support and active participation in building a playground for children or renovating school classrooms, material support for animal shelters or financial aid for feeding children in Africa).
  • Market-oriented activities, including e.g. improvement of product quality, fair pricing policy, timely payment of liabilities or cooperation with local partners.
  • Actions for the natural environment, including e.g. designing environmentally friendly products and production processes, reducing the amount of waste and pollution generated, and efficient use of resources.

To sum up, responsible business is a long-term strategic approach for our company, which assumes care for ethical principles, human rights, employees’ rights, social environment and the natural environment.


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