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1991 was a unique year in the bottle caps industry. It was when the DGS company was founded in Włocławek, central Poland. The idea and courage of the founders, Mr. Krzysztof Grządziel and Januszek Derlak, a clearly defined goal and very hard work contributed to the development of the company. Only a few years later, DGS began exporting its products. The first transport of caps outside Poland went to Russia. The next countries of expansion were Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain and the USA. Currently, DGS products are available in all countries where there is a demand for aluminum caps. 70% of the production is exported and every 5th wine cap in the world is produced at DGS.


The continuous development and success of the company began to arouse the interest of potential investors. In 2005, Polish Enterprise Fund V, managed by Enterprise Investors, bought 80% of DGS shares from the current owners and the rest was in the hands of the company’s president, Krzysztof Grządziel.


After 6 years, in 2011, Enterpise Investors decided to sell DGS shares to Krzysztof Grządziel and the Italian company Guala Closures Group. After this move, Guala Closures became the owner of 70% of the company’s shares and Krzysztof Grządziel had 30%. Currently, DGS is the largest cap manufacturing company in the entire Guala Closures group.




Guala Closures DGS Poland SA

During almost 30 years of our activity, we have produced billions of caps and long-term contracts with the largest producers of alcoholic beverages and food products, both in Poland and abroad, which confirms the high quality of the products of „Guala Closures DGS Poland” SA.

A world-class manufacturer of caps for glass containers


From the very beginning, we have been constantly increasing our production capacity and introducing innovative technologies and solutions


The greatest asset are people who, through their experience and commitment, increase the company’s potential every day


All the caps in our offer have the appropriate certificates and are manufactured in accordance with international standards


Guala Closures DGS Poland S.A.
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